Why should I Have a Buyer Agent?

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How does a Buyer Agent Represent you?
Buyer Agency Agreement
Here are a few reasons why you should have a Buyer Agent representing you and your family:
–    There is no Fee involved for you the Buyer having a Buyer Agent represent you.
–    The Agent will be able to give you full listing information, including Offer dates and any other relative information you are NOT going to get on MLS, or if you are just a ‘Customer’
–    MLS.ca is now Realtor.com and IS NOT on real time, TREB listings are, which Buyer Agents will send you.
–    A Buyer Agent will represent your best needs when you become their Client, from explaining the Home Buying Process and Documentation; Helping with Mortgage Financing; providing up-to-date Market Information and Statistics; as well as, suggesting Negotiating Strategies.
–    If you go with a Listing Agent and do not sign Buyer Agency, you are only a Customer and pertinent information may not be disclosed to you.
–     A lot of properties are Sold before they even hit Realtor.ca, so having an Agent in tune with your needs, may alert you to listings you may not have seen, or gotten to in time.
–    Buyer Agents will often introduce you to ‘Exclusive’ Listings that are not on MLS at all.
What the Buyer Agent really does for you:
–    Most Realtors are Full-time and do this as their job, as opposed to you who are really doing this part-time, as you have another job.
–    Realtors spend their time looking at properties physically and on TREB 
–    They look at, alert you of, and send you properties that you may not have found on Realtor.ca
–    Suggest properties to view and ask Listing Brokers for additional information regarding the property, such as Surveys, Pre-Inspections etc.
–    Set up Showing appointments, and often talk to the Listing Agent for even more details, such as Offer date.
–    Realtors physically Show properties to you and answer any of your questions
–    Guide you through the Home Buying Process, including all pertinent Documentation 
–    Offer Insight into Market Trends, Area Sales, Neighbourhood Activity and General Real Estate Information
–    Share their years of Market Experience & Expertise
–    Advise you of past Sales (which should only be done if you are a Client)
–    Discuss & Strategize your Offer with you
–    Converse with the Listing Agent regarding your Offer
–    Deal with all pertinent paperwork
–    Help you with Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Home Inspections etc,
–    Negotiate your Offer for the best Prices, Terms and Conditions.
And those are just a few points.  The Listing Realtor’s Duty is for the Seller, unless you become their Client through Buyer Agency.  Price & Motivation on either side should not be discussed or disclosed if that is the case.
Still not convinced?
Maybe you think you can ‘save’ on the commission if you go through a Listing Agent?  Not always.  If there are Multi-Offers, it can be a disservice for a Listing Agent to cut their commission if they represent the Seller and Buyer. Full Disclosure is mandatory.   With many Reputable Central Toronto Brokerages, Listing Agents cannot cut their commission in a Multi-Offer situation.
Fees are FREE, so it makes good Sense (and Dollars) to have a Realtor represent You and Your Family’s Best Interests!
Why don’t we meet at my office and for a full FREE Buyer Consultation, where I will explain the entire Buying Process to you from A-Z, including Process, Paperwork and Payment (none).
If after that, you are interested in me Representing Your Best Interests as a Buyer, then we can sign the Buyer Agency Agreement.
The Cost for the Consultation is FREE.  My Services for YOU the Buyer are FREE.   The only fee is loyalty reflected in the Buyer Agency Agreement.
Let me know if you are interested and when the best time for you is. 
 Any Questions / Concerns, please feel free to contact me!