How did the Big Banks react to Bank of Canada holding key Interest Rate?

Bank of Canada Interest Rates

By: Josh Sherman | DECEMBER 2, 2015 Here’s how the Big Banks reacted to the Bank of Canada holding the key Interest Rate In its final scheduled interest rate announcement of the year, the Bank of Canada has once again held the key rate at 0.5 per cent. The central bank had previously cut the rate by 0.25 basis points … Read More

Is Your Property Worth More Close to Transit?

Real Estate Worth More Near Transit

A new study suggests that Real Estate Property located closer to key transit spots is worth more money. Per Garry Marr | November 26, 2015 National Post: Commercial real estate company Avison Young looked at buildings sold in Toronto’s downtown core from 2012 t0 2015 and compared their sale price, dividing them up into two categories: buildings less than 500 metres from a … Read More


New Mortgage Rules 2018

October 2015 another Record Month for Sales in GTA! Average Toronto Property Selling Price $671,350K! Average Price of Homes: Detached     $1,070,000 Town            $ 579,350 Condos         $ 406,790   Let us help you Find Your Dream Home …  Click here to Start your HOME SEARCH NOW If you would like … Read More

Flipping Houses – A good Idea? 8 Things to Consider First

Flipping Houses in Toronto

Although this is a Funny Cartoon, most people who have ever owned a home, has probably considered Flipping a Home for what else … A Profit. TV Reality Shows like HGTV makes everything look so easy and all in an hour! However, here are 8 things to consider before getting into the House Flipping Game:

How to figure out House Numbers in Toronto

House Numbers in Toronto

Ever wonder just how the Numbering System works in Toronto? How are Numbers assigned to Buildings and Homes and, pretty much all Real Estate?  Well, depending on what City you’re in, a Street Address can indicate the Distance from a Body of Water, or a Major Street, or the Proximity to the nearest Arterial, or which side of the Road … Read More

What is Title Insurance in Real Estate all About?

Title Insurance for Toronto Real Estate Properties

Title Insurance …. Does it Matter? Although Title Insurance in Ontario is NOT Mandatory, it is advisable when Buying Real Estate, to get the Facts, Pros & Condos about purchasing Title Insurance on your Property. The main reason to get Title Insurance is to Protect Ownership or Title against losses incurred as a result of undetected or unknown title defects. 

8 Top Tips for Selling Your Home

Time to Sell Your Home

1. AGENT.  The Real Estate Sales Agent plays a huge part in Selling Your Home.  Sellers should choose an Agent who provides them with  lots of Information, a Marketing and Advertising Plan, References such as Past Client Testimonials, and Answers 2 simple questions: Why should I hire you and What will you do to get my Home Sold?  The Agent should … Read More


Cube Houses Toronto

There’s No Place Like Home! As I have always said, there’s a Home for everyone and people take their Homes very seriously!  Here are some interesting Homes from around the world.   The Golden Pyramid House in Wadsworth, Illinois, is “The largest 24-Karat Gold-Plated object ever created. It is 17,000 sqft, 6 stories and is a Private Home! The property also … Read More

What is a PHANTOM Real Estate OFFERS and are they Legal?

Toronto Real Estate Bids Solds

PHANTOM REAL ESTATE BIDS ARE A THING OF THE PAST! You are in a bidding war and the Listing Agent says you better bring your very best Offer because you are in competition, but something doesn’t feel right.  Is there another Offer and how can we know for sure? Well, starting July 1st, 2015, RECO (The Real Estate Council of … Read More



TORONTO REAL ESTATE IS YOUR BEST INVESTMENT FOR YOUR MONEY…  You work hard for your Money and what better return than investing in the Toronto Real Estate Market. According to the following Toronto Real Estate Board Charts, Real Estate over time is the Best Investment for your Money.  Our Market and House Prices have continued a steady rise throughout the … Read More