Rosedale, Moore Park Toronto, First Quarter Real Estate Report 2015

Rosedale Moore Park Real Estate Neighbourhood Toronto

Central Toronto Houses 2015 1st Quarter Report C09

Including: Rosedale, Moore Park

Rosedale Toronto   2015     2014   Difference
House Sales 81 61 + 33%
Homes Average Price $1,581,005 $1,504,461 + 5%
New Listings 135 139 – 3%
Active Listings 55 77 – 29%
% of Final Sales Price to Listing Price 99% 99% – 0%
Days on Market 24 29 -17%
Rosedale Moore Park Real Estate Neighbourhood Toronto

Older Homes still grace Rosedale and Moore Park

Rosedale and Moore Park had a very strong First Quarter in 2015. Both Sales and Prices were up over the same period of time in 2014. House and Condo Sales were up 33% with over 80 Houses and Condos being sold, and the majority of which, happened in the 1st part of the quarter.

Prices continued to climb up by 6% largely because most of this percentage was Luxury Homes, which were up in Price.  This pushed the average up considerably, and continues to prove that the market is very strong in this area. Inventory remains down dramatically falling  29% over last year. I suspect that inventory will continue to be low into 2nd Quarter because New listings continue to be down by 3%. Properties continued to Sell at 99% or more of the List Price and and also sell within a month, showing again how strong the market is in Rosedale and Moore Park.

This Toronto Neighbourhood continues to be strong for the Sellers and still shows it is a competitive market for the Buyers. The average price for a Detached House in this area, is coming in over $2.4 Million, a Semi-Detached over $1.3 Million and Condos are selling for around $760,000. Condos in this pocket are Selling over-asking and Houses are selling for 98% of asking Price.

If you are looking to sell your home or condo, now is the time with prices still on the rise. We can never predict in the luxury market how long the homes and condos will remain as strong as they are.  If you are thinking of buying a Luxury Home, it is competitive, so you should have all of your Ducks in a Row and be Ready to Rock and Roll at a moment’s notice!  This is why it is imperative for Sellers and Buyers to have Seasoned Agents who can deal with Fast-Paced Market.