Preparing your house for sale can make your home sell faster and bring you top dollar. But you do not need a lucky coin to make it happen. Here is how you can turn your house into irresistible piece of property.

Focus on the Buyer

You have to let go of your home emotionally. Say goodbye to every room, and think about handing over the keys to the new owners. Remove your personal photographs from the fireplace mantle and walls and have the buyer focus on themselves living there.

De-Clutter Your Home

De-clutter your space. That includes removing books from the bookcases and clearing off kitchen counters. Place the items you use every day in a small box so when the potential buyers come, you can quickly store the box in a closet. Use sparse furniture and make sure all your walkways are clean.

Keep Closets Neat

Rearrange your bedroom and kitchen closets. Buyers tend to be curious and will open drawers. If everything is clean and tidy they will believe you take great care of the house as well.

Make Your Home Look New

You should make all the minor repairs and clean the house. Fix faucets, patch any holes in the walls and replace cracked flooring and burned out light bulbs. Wax floors, replace worn rugs and replace your bathroom towels.

Review Your Work

Finally, review your home for cleanliness and appeal. Open your front door and ask yourself whether the house looks welcoming. Does every room have an emotional impact? Make sure everything is level and everything makes sense. Does your house look like nobody lives there? You are done!