The Bridle Path – One of Toronto’s Most Expensive Neighbourhoods!

Palatial Palaces The Bridle Path

There are Many Palatial Palaces in the Bridle Path in Toronto

THE BRIDLE PATH … An exclusive enclave of Multi-Million Dollar Mansions, Estates,  Palatial Palaces and Gated Luxury Residences, most of these Homes are situated on 2+ Acre Lots.  It’s Residents are some of the most affluent in Toronto.

Often referred to “Millionaire’s Row”, it sprawls only a few couple of Streets – The main ones are Bridle Path, Park Lane Circle and Post Road. These streets have no curbs and have many speed bumps to deter traffic from flowing through, even though there is a shortcut from Lawrence Avenue to Bayview Avenue.  

Contemporary Mansions in the Bridle Path Toronto
Many of these Estate homes are hidden from street view and the only thing you seeing are winding driveways.  Seeing new Construction is common as many of the older estate homes are being replaced with Palatial Palaces.  The home styles vary from Contemporary to Palatial Palaces.  Whenever an older home comes on the market for sale, many Builders and Developers purchase these properties to build these humongous homes.

There is lots of New Development in The Bridle Path in Toronto
HISTORY …The Bridle Path dates back to Alexander Milne in 1827.  He settled his family and built his Wool and Saw Mills business along the side of Wilket Creek and on the property we now know as Edwards Gardens.   In 1932 low water supply forced him to move east along the Don River and for almost 100 years, this area was considered nothing more than Farmland.

Many Estates in the Bridle Path are in Park Like Settings

Private Estates are so Private you often can't see them in the Bridle Path in Toronto


Many are situated in Park-Like Settings with long, winding roads towards their Homes.

When the Bayview Bridge was constructed over the steep Don River Valley in 1929, this area was first considered for residential real estate development.  Hubert Bull Page registered plans for subdivision and began building the first house in The Bridle Path hoping to build an exclusive enclave of highly valued Toronto Real Estate.

Boarded by Leslie Street to the East, Bayview Avenue to the West, York Mills to the North and just south of Lawrence Avenue to Sunnybrook Park.

Map of the Bridle Path with Boundaries in Toronto
Close to Shopping, Transit, Transportation, Fine Dining, Recreation and Parks, The Bridle Path is a sought after Toronto neighbourhood for the fabulously rich.

There are two Popular Parks bordering the Bridle Path, Toronto. The first one is the creation of Rupert Edwards, a Toronto Businessman who bought the Edwards’ Garden property to fulfill his dream of “a place in the country…..with wide open spaces all around, with plenty of room to move and breath”. Edwards transformed the property into a glorious garden, boasting one of the largest rockeries in Canada, a private 9-hole golf course and a safe haven for the abundant wildlife. Ten years later, when the city began to encroach upon the property, Edwards decided to sell. Wanting to preserve the estate as a public park, he sold it to the then Metro (Toronto) Council. In 1956, Edwards Gardens was opened to the public and the Garden Club of Toronto shared Milne House facilities with The Federation of Ontario Naturalists. The Garden Club dreamed of establishing a centre which would provide horticultural information to Torontonians; the Toronto Botanical Garden was the result of that dream.

The second is Sunnybrook Park which is a large, beautiful Public Park full of winding trails under bridges and along side winding Don River. Sunnybrook Farm was originally the 154-hectare country estate of Joseph Kilgour in the late 1800s. It extended east from Bayview Avenue to Leslie Street above Glenvale Boulevard and encompassed the Burke Ravine, (named after Edward and Jonas Burke).

The Toronto Field Naturalists opened the first urban wilderness trail in Canada at Sunnybrook Park in 1930. In 1994, wildflowers, ferns, shrubs and trees were planted along a series of interpretive trails.

Sunnybrook Stables is a teaching facility instructing students in English riding in both Hunter and Dressage on an excellent selection of school horses, ranging from novice to advanced levels. You can find students negotiate a course of fences or spend enjoyable hours hacking in the park. Just watch out for those droppings!