Leslieville Toronto First Quarter Real Estate Report 2015

Leslieville South Riverdale Toronto Houses

Leslieville Toronto Houses 2015 1st Quarter Report C01

Including:  South Riverdale

Leslieville South Riverdale, Toronto   2015     2014   Difference
House Sales   92     104   – 13%
Homes Average Price   $613,808     $598,562   + 3%
New Listings   152     75   +50%
Active Listings   45     18   + 150%
% of Final Sales Price to Listing Price   106%     108%   – 2%
Days on Market   20     8   +150%
Leslieville South Riverdale Toronto Houses

Leslieville and South Riverdale Houses

Leslieville and South Riverdale continued to be strong in the Real Estate Market this first quarter.  

The average Sales Prices increased by 3% to almost $615K. Sales were down over last year by 13% with 92 sales in the area, and new listings came in at 152, up by 50%, but down based on the numbers over the past 5 years.

Almost all of the Listings have been selling within 2 to 3 weeks, and although the number of sales were down, Sellers were getting their List Price or over.  The Average List to Sale Price was 106%.

When List Prices come in at Market Value and not priced too high, most Sellers are seeing Multiple Offers and even Bidding Wars.  Because Leslieville is a Trendy Neighbourhood, it will continue to do strong for many reasons.  Alot of young families are trying to get into this Neighbourhood at entry level, as well as, first time buyers. This is also a great opportunity for Buyers because and inventory of new home listings are coming on the market at a decent pace but not fast enough to raise inventory.

The first quarter of 2015 a sellers market and i expect the same to remain for 2nd quarter. If you are debating on selling your home or condo now is a very strong time to do so, as we have no idea how long this strong sellers market will remain.