How to figure out House Numbers in Toronto

House Numbers in Toronto

House Numbers in Toronto

Ever wonder just how the Numbering System works in Toronto? How are Numbers assigned to Buildings and Homes and, pretty much all Real Estate?  Well, depending on what City you’re in, a Street Address can indicate the Distance from a Body of Water, or a Major Street, or the Proximity to the nearest Arterial, or which side of the Road you’re on. Canadian cities all have their own systems for assigning these Numbers. 

How does it work in Toronto?

Laid out in Grid Patterns, an Intersection that represents Zero, Numbers increase upward and outward from there.  This is our Yonge Street and Lake Ontario.

Building Numbers usually increase by two, regardless of which block they’re on, which means that one block may have buildings numbered 754 and 772 on it.

Who assigns an address?

In Toronto, the City Surveyor and Director of the Survey and Mapping Department have that job! Toronto’s Numbering does break down in a few areas, and there are a number of inconsistencies, mainly because the City is a collection of Amalgamated Cities. 

What if you want to change your Number?

Some Numbers have deep significance in certain Cultures, which can impact the Resale Value of a Real Estate Property. As a result, sometimes an Owner will seek to change a building’s number, and if the Owner wants to change the Address, they have to pay approximately $300.00.

Is there a quick way in figuring out Toronto Numbers?

Yes there is!  When looking for a specific Address, EVEN Numbers are on North and West Sides and ODD Numbers are on South and East Sides of the Street.

  • North:   Even
  • South:   Odd
  • East:     Odd
  • West:   Even

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